Warranty and Return Policy

Returns not accepted for custom-fabricated orders. All products and orders are considered "custom-fabricated" regardless of the name or wording associated with the product, with the exception of these models of backlit display lightboxes: CrystaLyte LED, FeatherLyte T8, EdgeLyte Econo LED and RazorLyte Econo LED. Returns of eligible products are subject to 25% restocking charge plus shipping and handling costs. Returns of eligible products are only accepted when accompanied by a clearly-marked, valid RMA number issued by Blue River Digital Inc., one unique RMA number per carton. For complete return policy, please visit our Return Policy page.

Blue River Digital Inc. warrants all products against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from purchase, unless otherwise stated in product-specific documentation as longer or shorter term. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, as to fitness of any product for a particular purpose, nor for any certain level or type of performance in any particular environment or application. Warranty coverage is limited to the sale price of the product, regardless of consequential or inconsequential damages that may be incurred. Warranty coverage does not include original nor return freight costs.

Title to product transfers to buyer upon shipment from Blue River Digital Inc. or from any vendor of Blue River Digital Inc. Claims for shipping damage must be placed with the carrier, by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect product within 24 hours of delivery, and to retain all original cartons, crates and packing materials in case of return shipping, and to photograph and document damage as necessary, and place any claims with the carrier. Under no circumstances shall Blue River Digital Inc. be liable for loss of merchantability or any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages arising from delayed delivery or failure to attempt delivery by a third party shipping/freight company. Blue River Digital Inc. shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever for delayed delivery by a third party shipping/freight company except as specifically provided for shipments made under the respective service guarantee of the third party shipping/freight company if the freight charges were billed through Blue River Digital Inc.

All Blue River Digital's lightboxes are engineered and fabricated to provide the best possible uniformity of light diffusion at the display face, within the physical limitations of the given model. Blue River Digital employs various educational tools to assist the customer in learning the issues related to diffusion, and in understanding which lightbox models may exhibit various diffusion characteristics, in common contexts. However, as "adequate diffusion" is subjective to the viewer and to the nature and characteristics of the artwork and to the display environment, no warranty, neither express nor implied, exists as to the degree of uniform diffusion delivered by any given lightbox, and it is the customer's responsibility to determine which lightbox model(s) provide the optimal balance of acceptable diffusion, chassis depth, lighting method and other related variables, before placing an order for lightbox(es). Any representation as to the diffusion properties of a given lightbox model, whether written or verbal and whether express or implied, are intended only as a relative aid to inform the customer of our experience within limited contexts, and does not constitute a guarantee or promise as to the degree of diffusion provided, nor the type of performance that will be delivered or should be expected. No returns, replacements, free or reduced-price upgrades, RMAs nor other compensatory instruments are or will be offered or accepted for issues related to light diffusion, unless Blue River Digital Inc. has determined that the item in question has a materials or fabrication defect that is also separately covered under the other terms of this warranty policy, the resolution of which is limited to the extent that Blue River Digital Inc. determines necessary to rectify the defect, irrespective of any diffusion issues.

It is the customer's responsibility to confirm adequate image resolution, detail, color and accuracy prior to final production of your graphics order, regardless of the origin of your artwork or content. There is no warranty for image quality, unless a hard copy proof was ordered and provided; in which case, the hard copy proof is the only measure against which a warranty claim for inadequate image quality or accuracy will be considered.

Blue River Digital's wallpapers and other adherable products are professional-grade, industry-standard products that will provide long-term usability when properly applied in indoor environments with average exposure to the elements. Blue River Digital warrants that its adhesive products when shipped, are bubble-free, wrinkle-free, tunnel-free, accurately pre-tiled (where applicable), and reasonably color-matched across neighboring tiles. Please inspect your adhesive product immediately upon receipt, prior to installation. Once your adhesive product has been partially or fully installed, applied, cut, glued, moistened and/or otherwise modified, the materials and workmanship warranty for that product and its related tiles expires.

Modifying, integrating and/or merging your Blue River Digital product with any other product(s) voids the materials and workmanship warranty.

Custom-fabricated orders are non-returnable.

Many of Blue River Digital's products are UV or outdoor rated and offer extended color life (fade resistance) because of upgraded materials, paints and inks used in manufacturing; however, there is no guarantee as to the amount of time before fading or surface corrosion will occur, due to the variations in UV, moisture and temperature exposure that are beyond our control.

Representation that a product is moisture-resistant, moisture-proof, outdoor-rated, weatherable or similar is only an expression of the design and intent for usage of the product, and does not constitute any warranty as to the degree or duration of moisture resistance or weatherability.

Customer's order constitutes approval of all shipping charges, whether or not shipping charges are estimated in advance, and/or whether or not the final shipping charges are the same as the original estimate. Blue River Digital Inc. reserves the rights to change carriers and/or the origin of shipments without notice, for reasons of regional availability, timeliness, freight costs or other logistical factors.

In the event a customer makes a verbal or other type of change request which modifies the total price of the order, customer agrees to pay the adjusted total sales price including changes under the original payment terms, even if this causes order to be delayed pending receipt of adjusted payment total.

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Blue River Digital Inc., its officers, employees, agents, vendors and contractors for any direct and/or indirect damages and/or liabilities, whether consequential and/or inconsequential, arising out of and/or related to the usage, possession and/or application of Blue River Digital's products, services, documentation and/or recommendations, for any amounts exceeding the final sale price, regardless of fault, negligence, missed deadlines, human error and/or any other cause.

Valid claims must be submitted via letter, fax or email and must include clear, detailed photos of product defect. Defective product must be returned with entire original order to Blue River Digital Inc., in undamaged and complete original packaging, within 7 days of original claim, and only with RMA number(s) issued by Blue River Digital, clearly marked on exterior of shipping carton(s), in order for valid claim to be honored. Warranty covers replacement of defective product only, of same or similar product, at Blue River Digital's discretion; no refunds for warranty returns. Warranty replacement product will be shipped via Ground freight unless customer requests and pays for expedited shipping, regardless of original ship method. Credit card chargeback requests that are initiated prior to completion of customer's reasonable attempts to resolve warranty issue directly with Blue River Digital Inc. according to the terms of this Return Policy and Warranty, will result in automatic void of any warranty claim that otherwise may have been considered.