Outdoor Backlit Lightbox Signs

Moisture-resistant and rainwater-capable graphic lightboxes for under awnings, in breezeways or direct exposure

Blue River Digital understands that fluorescent and LED lightboxes designed for exterior use need to live up to your expectations of install-and-forget-it. That’s why UV stability, moisture resistance and code compliance are standard features for Blue River Digital’s line of outdoor backlit signs. Every standard and custom outdoor-rated lightbox from Blue River Digital is certified to comply with electrical ordinances nationwide such as UL listing, and comes with special upgrades that enable it to stand up to the elements for years to come. Choose any configuration from simple electric signs with a single clear or diffused white lens, designed for long-term display of your store name or company logo, to double-sided backlit kiosk signs that represent your company and product beautifully for many years while also making it easy to change the duratrans backlit film as frequent as you like.