I received my [lightbox] order today, thank you for all your help. The company did an excellent job, I could not have hoped for more.
D. Khalsa - Los Angeles, CA
First of all thank you SO much for your work on this estimate. The fact that you put in the effort to work with my (admittedly unrealistic) student budget means more to me than I can express! The price you're suggesting is definitely unbeatable, as well as the customer service I've received — be assured the next time I make a body of work with lightboxes, and a bigger budget, I will be in touch… Thanks again!
M. Katz - Los Angeles, CA
From my first phone call… I knew I was in the best of hands. Thank you all for the outstanding product and service performance with my Virtual Adam and Eve image. Will send you a pic of the image when I get it framed and up on my office wall, and follow up with others soon as I select them. You're the definition of "best practices" for dramatizing images!
C. Gilson - Jacksonville, FL
Here is a photo of the sample lightbox we mounted in our hall with an artists' image. It will be awesome once we have all 22 lightboxes mounted. Thank you again for your help.
P. Skliar - Boston, MA
The backlit looks great. Thanks so much.
V. Gabriele - Newport News, VA
Just a brief note to say your product arrived well and was packaged securely. Thank you for your effort. Though this was a simple and small order for you, but please know, I am very pleased and can't wait to mount it...
B. Asimor - Aurora, IL
Wow! Thanks to Blue River Digital for helping us make a truly memorable awards night! We were looking for a way to spruce up our plain vanilla podium and Blue River Digital came through with an innovative idea and the EdgeLyte Econo lightbox! Our 10th Annual Andy Awards night looked great and our podium glowed with a customized graphic lightbox. Thanks again.
B. Weitzel - Orangevale, CA
We received your lightboxes last week, and they were installed in time. Thank you for getting this done for us in time.
A. Clippinger - San Diego, CA
Our customers have been so happy with the lightboxes! We are looking forward to taking delivery of the remainder of our order. We are looking at some new projects involving the same lightbox and duratrans film for this summer and Fall. I need a quote put together with lead times for an order broken down as 250 and then as 300 of the lightboxes with the same quantity of Duratrans inserts.
Jessica - Everett, WA
Thank you so much. You have been great to work with and I will recommend you to all I meet. Have a great weekend.
G. Forsell - Seattle, WA
We received [the lightboxes], installed and they look great!
C. Bishop - Chicago, IL
Well, luckily we got the three lightboxes up and working before [hurricane] Sandy hit. Today we received the photos so I am sharing a shot of our elevator lobby. Thank you for all your help during our purchase.
C. Fernandez - New York, NY
I'm sorry it has taken so long to get back to you... but I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks and that the lightboxes look FANTASTIC. I went to the gallery opening last night where they were hanging, and they were show stopping! I will send pix as soon as I can.
G. Greenberg - New York, NY
Attached is a photo of our awesome lit wall. Thanks so much for the great work!
J. Kelly - Oakland, CA
...It was delivered and packed extremely well. At first glance it looks amazing though we haven't plugged it in yet. As soon as we have it up and running I'll be sure to send some photos. Thanks again... I can't tell you how happy we are with everything.
K. Hamilton - Oakland, CA
[The trade show] was a great success... it's been a pleasure working with you.
W. Rekik - Baytown, TX
[The ThinLyte Premium lightboxes] did go into a children's hospital, and the lightboxes were a big hit! The ThinLyte [model] was perfect for the space... I actually will need another 3 boxes for this same project - the job is installing in phases, so I'm waiting to hear how many I need for the next phase. Once I know, I'll be in touch!
M. Fay - Atlanta, GA
The new box is in the window and looks glorious. In fact, we have a casual photo shoot planned at the gallery this evening to capture the boxes and gallery glow.
R. Slovenko - Yonkers, NY
Thank you so much for all your help… everyone was so helpful; [they] were so knowledgeable and really helped us understand the product. All questions were answered fully and in a timely manner. Blue River Digital provided us with excellent service from friendly people. Thanks again!
J. Slevinski - East Rockaway, NY
Our client and we loved your [EdgeLyte Premium LED lightboxes] product!!! What a wonderful, even coverage of light without any hot spots!
J. Gates - Holland, OH
The custom lightbox you made for us worked great, good feedback so far from its use. I have another project coming up that we are looking to use a lightbox for again...
A. Finnell - St. Louis, MO
The [light]boxes are wonderful and we are thrilled with your product and great service.
K. Roser- Lake Buena Vista, FL
I really appreciate all of your help with this project. It is not easy keeping everything in order. It is refreshing to have that extra hand to make sure everything is received right. We did open all boxes to make sure everything was in good condition. Thanks!
M. Hopper - Lubbock, TX
Just sent the new upload, give me your thoughts. I want to compliment you on your operation. This is far from my first rodeo and I'm always so scared of sending big files so I try to get the size down where it can't be messed up. Whoever set up your download deal, kudos!
M. Jones - Stephenville, TX
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the lightboxes are perfect. Only had one issue in fitting them. One stone needed to be trimmed back about an 1/8th of an inch. (That one is on me for my measurements). Otherwise, the fit is right on and they look great. Everyone is happy. Thank you very much for your work.
C. Tackett - Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
I received the shipment in yesterday’s mail. Awesome job! I think this year’s crop looks even better than last year’s did. Even the couple of files that were pixelated look pretty decent in the end. The colors pop very nicely and the skintones are clean throughout. Thanks for another great job. You guys truly are a first rate organization and we'll definitely look to you for future production of this type.
J. Varhegyi - Washington, DC
I received the lightbox just on time and it was perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work.
J. Taewon - New York, NY
I’m sure we’ll work together again... The clownfish and other sea creatures in my underwater photos practically come alive in the lightboxes. Looks fantastic under my fish tank!
M. Siben - New York, NY
I can’t thank you and your team enough for your excellent service. The duratrans arrived right when you said they would. Their reproduction quality far outweighed my expectations given the dismal state of some of the files I sent to you guys to work with. Having worked in DC for a number of years and having dealt with outside sources for even more I’ve become a bit jaded with my expectations of the product quality I’ll get back when I farm out a job. What a breath of fresh air your organization has proven to be. I’m including a few images of the display that the duratrans are in so you can see how they were used. You guys will definitely be my number one source for any other projects of this nature that we need help with. Thank you so very much for caring about what you do!
J. Varhegyi - Washington, DC
Bally really liked the [WeatherLyte Premium 6 ft. x 10 ft. indoor] lightbox that you made for us and would like to order another one.
H. Rayo - New York, NY
Graphics [in these EdgeLyte Premium LED lightboxes] are dead simple, names of public spaces and statues on Columbia University's campus. Client is ecstatic about 'em.
J. Liebman - New York, NY
We received the two panels and they look great! Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with them. Thank you!
M. Rebar - Burlingame, CA
We received our lightbox here in Tustin on Friday, It looks great!! We are so happy with the product! Thanks so much for your help on this!
J. White - Tustin, CA
Here are photos of the installations at Cherry Creek [WeatherLyte Premium] and Wrentham ... I'm sure it's nice once in a while to see how these boxes are used!! Both of them fit PERFECTLY in the field... so I guess all of the back and forth on the designs and the sizes was worth it!
P. DeAngelis - South Plainfield, NJ
I can't thank you enough for all your advice... the lightboxes looked great and simply made the room! Thank you so very much!
C. Drosnes, Extreme Makeover - North Hollywood, CA
Thanks again for all your help. The lightboxes are in & look beautiful. Everyone is very pleased.
E. Laurin - Orange, CA
The lightboxes performed great, everybody loved them. We're actually using them again at the owners meeting coming up in a month.
C. Aguero, NFL Network - Culver City, CA
Thanks for your help in facilitating the lightbox creation, it looked amazing and the quality of the duratrans print was incredible. I've been a professional digital artist for over a decade and I have to say that was the best my work has ever looked outside of the monitor. It's getting a lot of attention in LA right now. I would like to order a few more lightboxes from you.
A. Jones - Berkeley, CA
Thank you again for everything. Our duratrans are up on the liteboxes on our newest branch, and they are awesome. thanks again for your superior product and professionalism. I expect you'll be hearing from me in the future for more orders :)
D. Cote - Madawaska, ME
...I want to compliment Blue River Digital for the quality of the display. I searched for over two months to find a display that would properly highlight this magnificent photo of the spiritual Lakshmi temple in southern India - in a park called Sripuram. The quality and price are impossible to beat. We will be using your displays to prepare this photo for sale across the world... Thanks again for your help.
S. Altman - New York, NY
We bought a custom LED lightbox from you, one-sided, and it rocks...
C. MacAskill - Mountain View, CA
Thanks so much for getting the lightbox to Charlotte for our meetings this week. The client was very happy with the prototype! I think it came out great too!... Thanks again!
M. DuBuisson - Dallas, TX
It arrived this morning. Incredible quality. Excellent work. I'll send you photo how it is being used later. Thanks for the help.
D. Ballou - Lyndonville, VT
Wow! The Duratrans came out great. And my underwater images... if I may be so proud.. look OUTSTANDING in their 8x10 lightboxes!! Perfect cropping of Nemo's Cousin also! LOL Each one came out beautifully. I have more images of sharks, coral, swimmers, etc. to send you, but will look to get some software first to make a composite of 9 images again. So happy!!!!! You made my Chanukah!! Please thank everyone else that worked on this little project. Happy Holidays and xoxoxoxox to all. :)
M. Siben - New York, NY
Got the lightbox... it's on my wall... and it's fabulous!! Thanks again and happy holidays!
D. Ambrosi - El Granada, CA
Here are the lightboxes you sold us. I built the brackets and installed them yesterday at Chaparral Racing in San Bernardino, CA. Chaparral is the largest moto dealer in the US. The lightboxes look insane and make a great addition to their showroom. Thanks for everything! I am going to recommend your company to anyone that asks me about this project so just remember the little guys! I got hit up by two other vendors yesterday while I was installing them! Thanks again!
I. Penchansky - Ketchum, ID
The lightbox is fantastic and the graphic is to a tee. I've been giving your number out to all my photographer friends.
J. Cruz - Miami, FL
It was a wonderful transaction! We really appreciated your hard work to meet our deadline.
D. Greene - Studio City, CA
The products turned out even better than we imagined. We've already ordered another graphic from you guys.
B. Christopher - Culver City, CA
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